Jukebox San Diego Repertoire

Here is a preview of the songs we can perform live at your next event (this playlist is updated in real-time.) Click on the Spotify header for access to the full list!


Sr. Event Manager/Lead Vocals/Keys/Rhythm Guitar

Dave comes to San Diego from Texas by way of the United States Navy. He has a ton of musical credentials but more importantly, David is a real Texas man! When not setting up communications for special forces, he’s at home enjoying time with his wife, kids and Bruno (his dog), who he adopted through Tamara. David majored in vocal performance at the University of Texas Pan-Am (Good thing he joined the Navy!) and can sing anything you throw at him. He is our band leader and loves bossing us around. But he leads by example and we are very proud of this guy! David is a great friend, an awesome singer, pianist, band leader and dad.


Lead Vocals/Vocal Section Leader

Tamara has her degree in Music Education from Cal State Fullerton and holds a California State teaching credential. As the Elementary Band Teacher for the Beaumont Unified School District, Tamara has tons of patience and a diverse understanding of child psychology! This has assisted her tremendously in her role as Band Mom for Jukebox. Tamara has a wonderful husband and a beautiful son. She is a lover of animals and works in Dog rescue, which is how our DM Dave got his dog. But that’s for another time! Tamara is our friend, anchor, link to common sense, a phenomenal vocalist and a classy example of what makes us great.


Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals/Audio Producer

Steve is a native San Diegan and is a stereotypical, granola eating Californian. For example, when he and his wife were married, as a grand exit they waterskied naked across Mission Bay. Steve owns a recording studio, is a Professor Of Music at Grossmont College, owns a bar (Desi’s) in Point Loma and is the most fit, energetic member of the band. He is a humanitarian, world traveler and a lovely person, overall! When Steve has downtime, you will find him doing yoga or working on his garden. He is a genuine lover of life and is a calming influence under the most stressful of times. He is the guy that you want in your corner when the chips are down and is one heck of a great guitarist and energetic showman!


Bass Guitar/Electric Guitar/Vocals

Zach is a native San Diegan and is not a granola eating Californian. In fact, Zach bends metal. Not in a metaphorical sense. He can actually make a Navy ship! Zach is the tallest, skinniest member of the band and definitely looks the rockstar part. We are all a bit jealous of that. He is thoughtful, intelligent and can play any instrument you put in his hands. He is a composer too. When Zach is not building Navy Ships, you will find him at home composing original music and geeking out on various online tutorials. Zach never stops. Besides being a phenomenal Bass player and all around musician, Zach is very smart, an extremely reliable friend and a joy to be around.



Brian comes to San Diego via Chicago, IL. He’s been performing, recording, and touring for 30 years. From rock, to blues, to country, and pop, he’s played and collaborated with a wide variety of incredible talent.
When he’s not behind the kit, he’s organizing 5k runs, marathons, and bike races all across the US. He’s also an avid runner, rock climber, surfer, and dreamer. Brian’s friends will tell you that he’s been known to pass up a night on the town because he “has to learn 75 songs by next weekend”.


Sax/Horn Section Leader

Troy has been with Jukebox from the start. He just showed up one day and never left! A native San Diegan and resident short haired hippie, Troy only recently got the hint that horn players can help set up the P.A. too. That does not make him any less of a great guy… He just doesn’t get subtle hints! Maybe it’s because Troy is an artist. He has this ability to gel with a melody, focus on the vibe and become an intricate part of every song. It’s uncanny. Troy is one of the top horn instructors in the area, teaching at schools and private lessons around the county. He is also responsible for managing our horn section and orchestration. A true artist, a valuable friend and an excellent person.



Wyatt is originally from Los Angeles and now resides in Temecula. The California wine country. Yes, he is fancy. Very Fancy.Recipe has been with Jukebox almost from the start. He pioneered the DJ/Band concept with Jukebox and was an integral part in creating the flow that we use today. He is also an early adapter and Master Video Jockey which brings a cool and unique visual element to all events. Wyatt is married to a beautiful, intelligent (Physicians Assistant) and (Lucky for us) understanding woman. They have 2 young children and an awesome life together.

band security

Behold, our wonderful squad of four-legged protectors. They take their role as security very seriously, ensuring the safety of our loved ones while we’re out and about. They also double as disciplinary officers, making sure our little ones toe the line. And who needs an alarm clock when you have them around? They’ll be there to give us a warm welcome, even in the wee hours of the morning.


Tarama is a dog rancher!


David adopted this loyal friend and slobbery mess.


Margaret has a Coonhound that loves to party!


This little piggy is Brian’s pride and joy. They can often be found snoring together after a long night of giggin and Piggin.