Jukebox Boise Repertoire

Here is a preview of the songs we can perform live at your next event (this playlist is updated in real-time.) Click on the spotify header for access to the full list!

Michele Eastland

Lead Vocals, Horns

Have you ever seen a girl bust out the best Jazz vocals you’ve ever heard and then jam a trumpet solo? Well, that’s Michele in a nutshel. A girl that loves rugby and then cleans up and puts on a stylish dress to go perform a magical jazz/blues dinner theater performance at a local speakeasy. A Boise resident by way of Fullerton Ca, Michele met her awesome husband while in College at Cal State Fullerton and has been living the dream, ever since. She is a dedicated mom and loves being the team leader. She is very spontanious and will talk your ear off if you let her… And that’s what makes her such a great showman!
She is also a lover of dogs and has Boston Tarrier name Ronnie. Ronnie is a year old and communicates through a collar bell. That’s right… The dog shakes it’s head to say yes or no. Weird but true.
Michele is fun, easy going, loving, caring and a pleasure to be around. She also happens to have a voice that will melt your heart and rock your world.

Diego Huerta

Lead Vocals, Keys

Hailing from a small gold mining town in Northern California called Jackson, Fuego  (That’s what we call him.  We are not sure why.  He didn’t ask for that.) packed up his little, tiny, convertible and moved to Nampa 5 years ago.  

What you need to know about Fuego is that he is the “Name That Tune” road trip champion.  Seriously.  This guy can name almost any song, artist, year and even producer.  It’s literally amazing.  Try to stump him.  You can’t.

Besides that, he is a true artist.  He paints, he sings, he plays Piano (self taught), he dances (not so well) and is up for just about anything we throw at him. 

He is calm, cool and collected.  He is an extremely determined and hard working front man.  He can sing almost anything (but loves the classics). He can take a joke and sling it right back.  

He shows up with a smile on his face and an enthusiastic attitude, no matter what.  

We love Fuego and we are proud to call him our friend and front man.

Athena Garza

Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals

Athena is more of a thinker than a talker. On long road trips most of us forget she’s there. She ponders things and then after she’s come to a conclusion, gives you a very intelligent, thoughtful response. Everything she comes up with is at least worthy of serious consideration, unlike some other people in this band (mainly all the guys, not including Alf).

We never really know what she’s up to. It’s not that she’s hiding anything. She is reserved where the rest of us are constantly blasting each other with texts and jokes. And then you get a little heart emoji from Athena. Kind of like, “you guys are dorks, but whatever.”

Lucky for us, she has a sweet, modern pop tone and style that gives her the ability and opportunity to offset this band full of rockers, perfectly.

Growing up in Boise, Athena is a product of her environment. Gentle, creative, thoughtful and friendly. She’s a hard worker that brings professionalism, grace and style to our band and is always a joy to be around. You’ll see!

Alf De Varona

DJ/Emcee/Raps/Vocals/Bass Guitar

Alf (as he is affectionately known) grew up like the child of a Cuban gypsy circus family.  He came to Boise From South Florida, via the entire country.  Having settled down in Boise for the past 32 years, he finally found a place that he can call home.

Alf maintains a total mind and body fitness regiment and his South Florida Cuban roots are strong.  When you see him jumping over Fritz and landing with a 5 star “Ta-Da” pose, it won’t be any secret where that came from!

Speaking of, Alf is our DJ, Emcee, Rhythm Guitarist, Rapper, Vocalist and Party Pumper.  A very demanding role.  So, it is a good thing that he is in great shape! He does so much that we literally have to schedule in pee breaks, at live performances.

Alf lights up a room when he enters.  He brings energy and vitality to everything he does.  He is thoughtful, empathetic, respectful, hard working and strong.  He is always a pleasure to be around and instantly becomes a friend.  In other words, we love this guy!

Fritz Jones


Fritz comes to Boise by way of a small town in Upstate NY.  Apparently, too small for a name…  But that was 27 years ago, so who cares?  Fritz loves cats.  We don’t hold that against him anymore, but it was a thing.  Fritz goes by Spock based on his innate ability to bring logic and proportion to just about anything that we discuss.  He loves the arts, including painting (his hero is Bob Ross), building guitars and studio production.  He also plays golf but he sucks.

Lucky for us, Fritz is also an awesome guitar player and the north star when truth and the American Way are on the line.  He’s easy to love and will do anything for anyone…  within reason!

John Pisano

Drums/Exec Producer/Event Manager

John comes to Boise by way of the West Coast. After settling down and having 3 boys, he found his calling in Entertainment Planning and traveling. 3 boys at home will make anyone want to travel! He also loves ancient history… a lot! In fact, he can tell you anything you want to know about useless things like the Roman Civil Wars and The 12 Caesars. Not to mention that he has a full suit of legionary armor that he loves to parade around in, for various made up occasions…  AND he has a metal detector.  Say it with us-  Dork!  He also tries to golf but sucks worse than Fritz.  He is a dog lover and Sadie, his 10 year old Pit/Lab mix, owns him.  Really owns him…  Like 630am wake up calls, hours long fetch sessions, climb under the couch for my ball, PAY ATTENTION TO ME…  Owns him.

John handles our bookings, marketing and Entertainment Planning with our couples, Wedding Planners and Event Planners. He also drives the truck and is in charge of picking podcasts for our road trips. Oh, and he is the band founder and drummer!

Shaun Scrivner


Something you need to know about Shaun… He eats too many frozen burritos. This is an admitted fact.

Maybe that’s because he has so much going on that he doesn’t have time to learn how to cook. We don’t know. We do know that this guy almost fell out of his chair laughing the first time he heard us attempt Bohemian Rhapsody. It made us very self-conscious. As a “real musician”, he has the credibility to make us all very insecure. It’s weird.

Shaun comes to Boise by way of Texas, Utah, California and Mexico… kind of a refugee from the Southwest. He likes to wear sandals. He is a hippie. He is extremely well educated in music, and when he’s not sitting in with various bands around town (or mocking his Jukebox band mates), he teaches music in grades 6-12 and has a full schedule of private lessons on the side. In his spare time, he likes to travel, bike, swim in rivers and dress up in funny costumes. Really. He has a Youtube channel for some of this stuff. Ask him about it.

We’re not exactly sure what Shaun thinks of us, but we knew the day we met him that he was the right guy for the job. He’s approachable, yet reserved. He has a great sense of humor. He is environmentally concious (hippie), and is a “real” musician (and every band needs at least one of those). He reads and writes music for most instruments. He shows up to practice on time, knows his parts, and has a very patient and thoughtful demeanor. Yet somehow, even with all of these flaws, he has become our friend. We like Shaun. We like him a lot. Whether he likes us or not!

Kurt Sackett

Sound/Lighting/Stage Production/Technical Development

Why is Kurt so quiet? It’s not because he’s shy. It’s because he’s listening. He’s always

That’s what a soundman does. You may think the band is what you are hearing when you are listening to live music. And of course, that is true. But everything you hear is filtered through the ears of a soundman. That is why a great soundman is arguably the most important person at any performance.

Kurt is a great soundman! You might find him sitting behind a console, changing a cord, adjusting speaker outputs, checking on band members, or working with the venue on volume requirements. That’s in addition to setting up systems before the show, monitoring and troubleshooting any issues during the show, and packing up at the end. We’d like to hear more from Kurt in the van on the way to events. Sometimes, we forget he’s there. We don’t want to… He just NEVER SAYS ANYTHING (unlike John who won’t shut up). For Christmas we bought Kurt the book “1001 conversation starters”. We don’t think he’s read it yet.

Kurt is a hardworking, amazing and talented guy with a long resume of regional accomplishments. He’s kind, soft spoken, giving, and willing to do just about anything for the band and our clients. We are proud of what he does for us and you will be thrilled at what he does for you. Of this, we have no doubt.


Behold, our wonderful squad of four-legged protectors. They take their role as security very seriously, ensuring the safety of our loved ones while we’re out and about. They also double as disciplinary officers, making sure our little ones toe the line. And who needs an alarm clock when you have them around? They’ll be there to give us a warm welcome, even in the wee hours of the morning.


Alf is a cat guy


John adopted Sadie at 4 years old. She just turned 10 and is a total Diva.


Loves the van…. A lot.


He communicates with a bell on his collar..