The Things we do for love!

  • It's finally here. Your wedding day.
  • Everything has been planned according to your vision.
  • The lighting is perfect, tables are set, the menu is scrumptious and your guests are ready to party.
  • But you have a surprise..
  • You have hired Jukebox and the party is going to be epic!

Live Band DJ Combo

  • Who parties to an Ipod? Not our clients!
  • It's a non-stop party.
  • From the live energy of the band into the pulsing beats of the DJ and back again.
  • Our Band and Pro DJ Combo is what makes us unique,
  • allowing for unlimited versatility and Non-Stop dancing.
  • Without a DJ, you get breaks. We don't do breaks.


It-takes-real-planning-to-organize-this-kind-of-chaos.-Mel-Odom 2.jpg

Planning Tools

  • Well before your event date, we will have a professional, detailed agenda and timeline in place!
  • Whether you are a Professional Planner or a beginner out to do your first event our easy to use, integrated planning tools will assist you in constructing and communicating the details of your event with Jukebox.

Local Coordination

  • We are familiar with many venues throughout Southern California and often times have performance related experience that we can share with you.
  • If you are considering a destination event from outside the area, we will assist you with venue details and professional communication with the staff regarding your entertainment requirements.

Site Visit

  • We address all of the Important on-site elements that are often overlooked. This helps ensure a stress free, organized event!
  • An important part in tying up potential loose ends, site visits are a standard part of our procedure for venues in San Diego and Orange County. This is how we make sure that all details of your event have been addressed. We also confirm that the performance area is adequate, the power is appropriate, the load in is outlined, parking details are addressed, etc., etc.


IMG_4853 2.jpg

$50,000.00 SOUND SYSTEM

You and your guest will hear the clearest, most well defined, album perfect version of everything we do.


Optional staging up to 12' x 16' can be provided for your event with sharp black design and skirting.


Moving heads, Lasers, Floods, and haze add up to a great light show and an awesome party atmosphere!


No hiding in the shadows. Our stage lighting is clear and sharp!


  • Providing a perfect mix, every time!
  • Noise Abatement Controls for venues with sound restrictions


You can be assured, We are insured! You will never have to worry about vendor insurance when you hire Jukebox.