What To Expect When You Hire Jukebox

  • You and your guests will experience an incredible performance with the best possible sound and lighting, at a great price!


  • Based on our booking philosophy, you can count on Jukebox to rock it with gusto, every single time!
  • Jukebox caps bookings annually. That means we will not perform more than one event on a performance date.
  • Why? Because you deserve the best possible performance from the musicians that you have hired for your event.
  • Too many dates equals worn out vocalists who can't hit their notes, Tired, lackluster musicians and a deaf sound man! You want musicians that are in peak performance condition for your event.

Band and DJ

    Who parties to an Ipod? Not our clients!
    All configurations include our Pro DJ. Our DJ is what makes us unique, allowing for unlimited versatility and Non-Stop dancing. Without a DJ, you get breaks. Breaks are for bar bands.

Professional Consultation

  • John's experience translates to a seamless and enjoyable event for Planners and non-planners alike!
  • Along with managing, producing, booking and drumming, John has worked as a Professional Event Manager/Musician for over 20 years. Wedding Planners and Event Pro's who hire Jukebox understand that they will receive a high level of professionalism in the planning process. John is an MC, Member of Meeting Planners International, Professional Drummer and is also in the final stages of completing the Event Management Certification Program at University Of San Diego.
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Professional Sound Technician

    • This is the County Noise Abatement Ordinance. It's 14 pages of rules for sound and volume restrictions.
    • Our Sound Tech knows the layout and understands the various noise restrictions at the venues in which we perform. He is well versed in the Noise Abatement Ordinance and carries his own Decimeter to prove it! With the number of venues now posting decibel limitations, this is an important benefit to you!
    • He also acts as the communications hub for the client, venue and the band during performances, ensuring that your needs and directions can be communicated to performers in a quick and precise manner.

    $50,000.00 Sound System

    • You and your guest will hear the clearest, most well defined, album perfect version of everything we do.
    • We think it's important for you to know that we have invested significantly so that the sound for your event will be "Rockstar" quality.
    • For you techies out there, everything is digital and everything is wireless. We use QSC Speakers, Shure Digital Mics, Sennheiser Digital Monitors and Roland TDK 50 Drum products.

    Stage Lighting

      No hiding in the shadows. Our stage lighting is clear and sharp!
      We provide 8 high output wireless, battery powered LED lights for our front wash. This configuration perfectly compliments our stage plot. All lights are mounted on front of house speakers, creating a very clean look while reducing the need for additional footprint up front.

    Dance Floor Lighting

    • Moving heads, Lasers, Floods, and haze add up to a great light show and an awesome party atmosphere!
    • This considerable array of highly efficient LED effect lights project a series of entertaining and impressive lighting options. Our dance floor lighting is projected from the back of the stage allowing for a smaller footprint, reducing the amount of area required for performance.
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    Planning Tools, Local Coordination, Site Visits

    • Well before your event date, we will have a professional, detailed agenda and timeline in place!
    • Whether you are a Professional Planner or a beginner out to do your first event our easy to use, integrated planning tools will assist you in constructing and communicating the details of your event with Jukebox.
    • Local Coordination
    • We are familiar with many venues throughout Southern California and often times have performance related experience that we can share with you.
    • If you are considering a destination event from outside the area, we will assist you with venue details and professional communication with the staff regarding your entertainment requirements.
    • Site Visit
    • We address all of the Important on site elements that are often overlooked. This helps ensure a stress free, organized event!
    • An important part in tying up potential loose ends, site visits are a standard part of our procedure for venues in San Diego and Orange County. This is how we make sure that all details of your event have been addressed. We also confirm that the performance area is adequate, the power is appropriate, the load in is outlined, parking details are addressed, etc., etc.
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    • You can be assured, We are insured! You will never have to worry about vendor insurance when you hire Jukebox.
    • Jukebox LLC and each individual musician carry annual liability policies that are in line with the highest standards and best practices of the entertainment industry. Need to add additionally insured? No problem!


    Jukebox always includes:

    DJ/MC, Guitar, Bass, Drums, 2 Vocals, High End sound system and lighting for stage and Dance floor (based on 200 guests) with professional sound engineer

    Sax Player


    8-Piece band Package includes:

    DJ/MC, Guitar, Bass, Drums, 3 Vocal, Sax, High End sound and lighting for stage and Dance floor (based on 200 guests) with sound engineer

    Want More?

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    Add additional Vocalist:

    If you want to add some serious vocal acrobatics to your Jukebox performance, adding another vocalist will do the trick.

    Troy Jennings, Sax


    Add Sax Player:

    If you want to add some classic flash to your Jukebox performance, adding the cool tones of our sax player will get you there.

    Horn section


    3 Piece Horn Section:

    If you want to create some serious heat and classic sounds to your Jukebox performance, adding the the energy and flash of our 3-piece horn section will blow you away.

    Ken Hoelscher


    DJ After Party:

    Keep your party going late into the night! We offer a DJ After Party package that can help extend your party up to another (3) hours, ensuring that your party "never stops"!


    Up-Lights (Wireless, Battery Powered, Programable!)

    Elegant lighting can transform the look and feel of any venue into something amazing. Great lighting makes all the difference. Our Up-Lights wireless (no ugly cords), Battery Powered (can be placed anywhere) and fully programmable (any color or combination that you Desire!).



    Live Ceremony Music:

    We have some excellent musicians that can help make your ceremony special. Maybe you want to have a live acoustic guitar or piano, or maybe even a vocalist singing your favorite song as you come down the isle. Our quote includes all audio and the PA for the officiant as well.




    Stack's not only brings you standards in all varieties of American Music but also the versatility of seasoned multi-instrumental professionals. Stack's also integrates a wide variety of instrumentation to help enhance the performance at your event!